GP Rating

English speaking, reading, writing (using topics 1.5 and 1.6 and Charts and reading material)
Computers (Familiarisation)  
Discipline and etiquettes
Health and Hygiene  
General Aspects of Shipping
Nautical Terms – Parts of the Ship (Using ship models and video)  
General Shipboard Safety and Health
Protection of Environment  
National Shipping Organisation
International Organizations and Conventions 
General Ship Knowledge (Seamanship and Bridge duties at Support Level)
Ship Maintenance
Basic Navigation  
Look Out Duties, other bridge duties and reporting system
Duties of a Gangway Watch in Port (introduction to ISPS Code) 
Steer the ship & comply with Helm orders
Marine Engineering Knowledge and Practice (at Support Level) 
Familiarisation with duties and Engine Room environment
Instruments (Thermometers, pressure gauges, level gauges)  
Safe working procedures, Tools & instruments
Auxiliary Equipment & maintenance work 
Identify components of diesel engines listed below: Generator Engines, Main Engine
Compressed air for auxiliary purposes 
Machines: Grinder, Drill, Lathe
Basic welding and cutting: Arc welding, gas welding, gas cutting  
Lubricants and lubrication
Level measuring devices and techniques 
Lagging and insulation
Hand tools for electrical maintenance, Electrical Components & Equipment  
Chemicals on board
Steering Gear  
Storage tanks
Emergencies in the engine room 
Fire extinguishing equipment in the engine room
Mandatory STCW Courses and Ship Visit  
Assessment (Internal and External)/ revision