Ship-in-Campus Training facility


The International Maritime Academy has constructed its own Ship-In-Campus training facility in the academy campus itself. This ship in campus training facility is available only at few training colleges all over the world. The IMA’s Training ship in Campus as T.S. “PRIDE OF IMA” The Ship-in-Campus is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai, Government of India & it is constructed as per the standards of the STCW/ International Maritime Organization requirements. The Ship-in-Campus consists of all machineries actually available in the seagoing ships such as Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Auxiliary Boiler & Auxiliary Machineries like Bilge Pump, Ballast Pump, Sea Water Pump, Fresh Water Generator, Purifier, Oily Water Separator, Incinerator etc. All the system pipe lines of the Main engine & Auxiliary machineries have been designed as per the layouts found on board ship to give the students a practical understanding of the piping layout as found on board Merchant Navy Ships. The main objective of ship-in-campus is to familiarize the students with on board ship machineries & systems, along with the maintenance routine to be followed by every marine engineer on board ships. The training imparted to IMA students in ship-in-campus will make them well versed with routine activities, maintenance & operational task which they are likely to work with on board ship. In order to provide the technical education in the field of Merchant Navy, IMA was established. The courses being conducted at IMA is highly job oriented in the worldwide shipping companies. The young boys are motivated properly & trained in a disciplined manner to work with various national in the International shipping companies.


The Training facilities at IMA are of world class standard.